73rd session of the United
Nations General Assembly


President of the 73rd Period of "United Nations General Assembly" , 2018-2019. Ecuadorean politician, diplomat, profesor and poet, with more than twenty years of international experience in multilateral issues and international negotiations in areas of peace , security, defense, human rights, biodiversity, climate change, indigenous peoples, gender equality, youth rights, among others.


She has a PhD (c) in Environmental Geography from the University of Rutgers, a Master´s degree in Social Sciences and Amazon Studies and a post-graduate degree in Anthropology and Political Science from the Latinamerican Faculty of Social Sciences, FLACSO. Former Minister of Defense, Foreign Affairs and Human Mobility, Heritage and Ambassador to the UN in New York and Geneva. She has published more than 30 academic articles, and several poetry books, as well as poems in more than 20 anthologies.

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